ICOMOS – the International Council for Monuments and Sites – is an international, non-governmental organization of professionals, dedicated to the conservation and protection of cultural heritage places and to the creation, dissemination and application of theory, methodology, and scientific techniques for heritage conservation.

ICOMOS was created in 1965 in Warsaw following the adoption the year before of the International Charter for the Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and Sites, also known as the Venice Charter.

Headquartered in Paris, France, ICOMOS is the only global non-government organization of this kind. Its 10 000 members represent all disciplines of heritage conservation: architects, historians, archaeologists, construction materials conservators, art historians, lawyers, geographers, anthropologists, engineers, town planners…

The National Committees in more than 93 countries all over the world and the 28 International Scientific Committees form a unique inter-disciplinary and multi-cultural network of co-operation. Every 3 years, ICOMOS holds a General Assembly combined with a Scientific Symposium by invitation of one of its National Committees.

ICOMOS has associate relations with UNESCO and has been designated official adviser on the implementation of the World Heritage Convention.


The French section of the International Council on Monuments and Sites is a non profit organization created in 1965. ICOMOS France gathers more than 1000 members, including professionals, experts, companies, training organizations and associations which are all working for the preservation, rehabilitation or enhancement of cultural, architectural, urban and landscape heritage. It also includes representatives from the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Ecology, as well as various French local authorities.

The French national committee organized the 17th ICOMOS General Assembly and Symposium in 2011 in Paris.

Our goals

  • To make the most of our members’ competences and technical skills with a view to reflect on the evolution of doctrine and techniques as well as the expertise, in the fields of cultural, tangible and intangible heritage, as defined by the World Heritage Convention.
  • To spread the knowledge concerning heritage and contribute to the training of all specialists, public or private, in France or abroad.
  • To raise awareness to the necessity of preserving the heritage.
  • To participate in the implementation of the World Heritage Convention.

Our methods

  • We conduct audits and expertise missions, abroad and in France, for the UNESCO, ICOMOS International, or the French government.
  • We establish cooperation with different countries in the fields of architectural, urban or landscape conservation and enhancement, relying on specialists from the International Scientific Committees.
  • We contribute to the monitoring and the assessment of nominated or submitted properties to the World Heritage List. We also draft assessment reports.
  • We form and conduct action committees and workgroups.
  • We organize symposiums, conferences, seminars, technical day trips and training sessions.
  • We publish technical, methodological or awareness books, magazines or guidelines and set up exhibitions.


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